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Landowner Role

Residents play an important role in keeping mosquitoes under control. According to the NRS 318.118, Nevadans are legally responsible to abate (eliminate the source of) a public nuisance arising from their property, including mosquitoes. In areas that are within the jurisdictional boundaries of a mosquito control program, landowners should work with staff to address mosquito problems, particularly in areas where irrigation is used for agricultural purposes. The Douglas County Mosquito Abatement District (DCMAD) has substantial authority to access private property, inspect known or suspected sources of mosquitoes, and abate the source of a mosquito problem.  If the owner is unwilling to work with DCMAD to abate the mosquito problem, the DCMAD board shall determine whether the owner must abate the nuisance and prevent its recurrence and will charge the landowner for work performed on their  property [NRS318.118].

DCMAD is happy to consult and help landowners with mosquito abatement.  In order for us to evaluate, survey and treat, we must be able to get to the water source and bring our equipment in to treat if necessary.  Below are 2 examples of providing access to a ditch (#1) and clearing a road (#2).  


# 1



# 2


Report Mosquito Problems

Contact DCMAD at (775) 782-4642 or email us at to evaluate your property for mosquito breeding sites; to show you how to prevent a mosquito problem on your property; and to report infestations of mosquitoes. Your message is important to us, so please leave your name, address, and a brief message regarding your concerns so that we may address them as quickly as possible. 

Take Precautions

The following is a list of guidelines you can employ to keep mosquitoes from breeding on your property: 

  • Aerate ornamental ponds or avoid letting water stagnate. Change water in birdbaths, fountains, and animal troughs at least once per week.

  • Clean clogged rain gutters and storm drains. Keep outdoor drains flowing freely and clear of leaves, vegetation, and other debris.

  • Consider spraying vegetation and lawns with a barrier spray (available through your hardware store) to minimize mosquitoes.

  • Control plant growth in ponds, ditches, and shallow wetlands.

  • Design facilities and water conveyance and/or holding structures to minimize the potential for producing mosquitoes.

  • Eliminate artificial mosquito sources. Dispose of unwanted or unused artificial containers. Examine outdoor areas and drain temporary and unnecessary water that may stand longer than 96 hours.

  • Ensure man-made temporary sources of surface water drain within four days (96 hours) to prevent development of adult mosquitoes.

  • If possible, drill drainage holes, cover, or invert any container or object that holds standing water that must remain outdoors. Be sure to check for containers or trash in places that may be hard to see, such as under bushes or buildings.

  • Minimize sites mosquitoes can use for refuge by thinning branches, trimming, and pruning ornamental shrubs and bushes, and keeping grass mowed short.

  • Properly dispose of old tires.

  • Clean stock tanks as often as possible. They are a common breeding area if they are allowed to collect debris.

  • Regularly chlorinate swimming pools and keep pumps and filters operating. Unused or unwanted pools should be kept empty and dry, or buried. 

  • Use personal protective measures to prevent mosquito bites.

Barrier Spray

You may wish to use "Barrier Spray" to repel mosquitoes from your property.  When you initially spray, a barrier spray kills the mosquitoes and coats the leaf surface of the grass, ornamentals and lower leaves of the trees.  Mosquitoes not initially killed, are repelled from the area.  It also prevents entry of any neighboring mosquitoes.  Depending on the product used, barrier spray treatments can last up to 4 to 12 weeks.   Check out these products:


Natural Products:


Chemical Products:

Summit Mosquito Barrier Spray_edited.jpg
Bonide Mosquito Barrier Spray
Available online and Tractor Supply
Cutter Backyard Barrier Spray

Here's another alternative for mosquito protection.  You place these at the farthest corners of your property to draw the mosquitos away from your living area.   The Spartan Mosquito Pro Tech.  Available online.

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