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Fogging Notices

This is a courtesy listing of general areas we fog.   Our adulticiding vehicles will travel up and down the streets of these populated areas after 9:00 PM emitting our adultcide.  Only the mosquitos that are flying will be effected.  Mosquitoes that lay in your grasses and shrubbery will not be effected.  Please visit our Owner Responsibility page to find information about barrier sprays to protect your home.

Our sessions usually last about 2 hours.    Please visit our Ground Fogging page to review our  requirements.

The products we use for Adulticiding ("ground fogging") are Duet and Zenivex.  Information and the Safety Data Sheets describing the products we use can be found by selecting Safety Data Sheets from the menu above.

Please scroll down to see the most recent fogging event

Click on the highlighted location name to see the Fogging Map

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