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Fogging Schedule

As we get into the Summer season and the mosquitoes are flying, we will be doing more ground fogging.  That means we will be going up and down specific streets with our trucks emitting a adulticide product to kill flying mosquitoes. You can check out more about it under out Ground Fogging section from the above menu.   We try to give everyone as much notice as we can so that you can prepare yourself and property.  If you are concerned, you have several options.  One is to contact us and let us know you do not want us to fog as we go by your property.  Check the Contact section above in order to send us an email.  You can close your windows for a couple of hours to make sure the fog dissipates.  If you have any questions, please contact us.  

See Fogging Notices/Maps/SDS Sheets from menu above for more information.


There are several factors that go into creating a fogging event:

*  Emails we get thru this website under "Contacts", and phone calls,

*  Trapping thresholds/numbers of mosquitoes per trap,

*  Weather/Temperature,

*  Availability of equipment and

*  Availability of technicians.

We keep a log of all emails and phone calls.  We have logs of all areas treated. 

Most importantly, when communicating with us, remember to leave your name, and address so we know where the mosquitoes are.

How to Barrier Spray

1.  Mow your grasses.  

2.  Follow the directions on the bottle and apply early in the morning or after the heat breaks in the evening.

3.  Do not water for 48 hours.

Barrier sprays can be used on decks, trees, shrubs, and any other vegetation.

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